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Allows add people to training.

Required permission: trainessManagement

Example usage:

mutation assignTraining {
  assignTraining(users:["x123dET123", "x123dET124"], documents: ["sF3263dFT21", "sF3263dFT22"]) {
    errors {
    training {


⚫ users is a list of user ids (graphql ids) which will be assigned to training,

⚫ documents is a list of documents ids (graphql ids) which users will be trained on.

Returns training list data. It is the same record which can be pulled from training query.

Note: this action will add all users to all documents. If user is already assigned to training, nothing will be updated.


errors ([AnyMutationError])

Mutation errors. Provides information about missing content or privilages

trainings ([Training])

List of assigned trainings