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The doc_templates table has 1 trigger

+-----------------------------------+--------+------------+-----------+-----------------------------------+ | Trigger Name | Event | Activation | Condition | Procedure Called | +-----------------------------------+--------+------------+-----------+-----------------------------------+ | generate_doc_template_code_record | INSERT | AFTER | | generate_doc_template_code_record | +-----------------------------------+--------+------------+-----------+-----------------------------------+



name (String!)

Template name. Used to identify template in the application.

documentIdPrefix (String)

Prefix added to each document using given template. With order number creates document ID

effectiveOnApproval (Boolean!)

If set true, will automatically make associated document effective after last positive approval

trainingAvailable (Boolean!)

If set true, will allow to add trainees and perform trainings on associated document

trainingRequired (Boolean!)

If set true, will require to re-train on a newer version of a document

reviewPeriod (Int)
version (Int!)

Template version identifier. Each template modification new version is created so existing associated documents may not need updating its content

deleted (Boolean!)

If set true, the template cannot be used in creation new documents

sections ([DocumentTemplateSection])

Contains information about a type of each section. Document created with given template will require to match with the description in each template section

id (ID!)

The ID of the object.