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Allows sending invitation to a user. Required permission: userInvitation (for API user, can be checked using me query)

Example usage:

mutation sendInvitation {
  sendInvitation(email:"email", role: basic) {
    errors {
    user {


⚫ email is email address of invited user.

⚫ fullName is user full name (optional).

⚫ role is one of Qualio user roles: basic,normal,quality

Returns user data. It is the same record which can be pulled from users query.

Note: this action will trigger sending email to given email address. New user will appear with invite status (inviteStatus) as pending. You can trigger this action again if you want to resend invitation. It would fail once user has already accepted invitation.


errors ([AnyMutationError])

Mutation errors. Provides information about missing content or privilages

user (User)

Invited user