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The document table has 3 triggers

+---------------------------------------+---------------+------------+------------------+----------------------------------+ | Trigger Name | Event | Activation |
Condition | Procedure Called | +---------------------------------------+---------------+------------+------------------+----------------------------------+ | document_action_time_update | INSERT,UPDATE | AFTER |
| document_action_time_update | | documents_before_insert_generate_code | INSERT | BEFORE | new.CODE IS NULL | store_documents_code | | update_audit_timestamp_on_documents | INSERT,UPDATE | AFTER |
| update_audit_timestamp_documents | +---------------------------------------+---------------+------------+------------------+----------------------------------+



title (String)

Document title displayed in all listings

effectiveOnApproval (Boolean!)

Determines if the document will become effective (status) once all approvals are positive

trainingAvailable (Boolean!)

Determines if training is available on this document

trainingRequired (Boolean!)

Determines if training is required on this document

approvalDate (DateTime)

DateTime when the document was approved

effectiveDate (DateTime)

DateTime when the document was made effective

reviewDate (Date)

Date when review needs to be performed, what is effective date plus review period

reviewPeriod (Int)

Number of months after document needs to review

type (String!)

Document type, based on a selected template

status (DocumentStatusType!)

Document current status describing its state

version (String)

Document version in format major.minor

template (DocumentTemplate)
author (User)

A user that authored the document (i.e. was the owner at the time of approval)

owner (User)

A user that currently owns the document

id (ID!)

The ID of the object.

tags ([Tag])

List of document related tags

changeControl (ChangeControl)

Change control associated with the document

relatedTags ([Tag])

List of document related tags

sections ([DocumentSection])

List of document sections where the actual content of the document is stored

ID (String)

Document code identifier

createdAt (DateTime)

DateTime when the document was created

modifiedAt (DateTime)

Last DateTime when the document was modified

reviews ([Review])

List of document reviews

approvals ([Approval])

List of document approvals

trainings ([Training])

List of document trainings

url (String)

Link (url) to document in Qualio application